Crown Ambassador is YIJIA’s highest honor rewarded to the most dedicated individuals who use their keen insights to lead his or her team to achieve continuous growth and success.

In addition to Training & Travelling Points (TTP) that may be redeemed for YIJIA North America Business Academy courses and training, and/or YIJIA North America’s luxury trips, Crown Ambassadors may also enjoy the benefits of Global Year-End Bonus. He or she may also be invited to attend YIJIA’s annual Hero Awards to receive his or her reward.


“I owe much of my success to my teammates. I would like to thank my direct sponsor Hongyi Wu and our uplines, the VI Crown Ambassador Jie Lu & Wei Liu, for their help and support. I also want to express my gratitude towards Wendi, Judy, and Lina for the time and efforts we put together into our work. Last but not least, I would like to thank YIJIA, and Chairman Guo for creating this fantastic platform, where we can realize our dreams. Upholding my original aspiration, I’ll continue my hard work to make more success!”

Sophie Zhang

“During my time at YIJIA, I have come to realize how grateful I am for President Guo’s foundation of YIJIA. With YIJIA, he has provided an incredible global platform allowing people from all over the world to achieve their personal goals. To me, he is not only a role model but also a mentor. Therefore, in order to realize my dreams, I should be constantly learning from him. “

Cherry Qi

“Success is like blossoming, and it will lead others to realize their own goals. Therefore, I continue to create my personal breakthrough to improve my self-worth. This way, I can serve as a better leader to my team. I believe that team members have an influence on each other, which means that they can be mutually inspired to reach their greatest potential. Thanks to YIJIA, my team was able to expand extensively. In addition, with my efficient team management skills, my business at YIJIA Canada has been growing rapidly. In short, at YIJIA, your team is the key to your success.”

加拿大雙皇冠Cherry Qi3

Wendi Wu

“My name is Wendi Wu, and I am from YiJia Canada. My motto is, “Success is not a goal but a way of life!”

I believe that the key to success is to make the right decisions, keep learning and improving oneself, as well as not to give up easily. I think the reason why I chose to work with YiJia is because of the company’s value of sharing success and its dedication to charity work.”


There are countless choices in life and when you choose to do one thing again, the most important thing is to learn how to let go of your previous glory and failures, start from zero.Do not pursue perfection. Stick to your goal and do not fall off track. Success will never be a big step in the future, success is a small step taken just now.

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