Crown Ambassador is YIJIA’s highest honor rewarded to the most dedicated individuals who use their keen insights to lead his or her team to achieve continuous growth and success.

In addition to Training & Travelling Points (TTP) that may be redeemed for YIJIA North America Business Academy courses and training, and/or YIJIA North America’s luxury trips, Crown Ambassadors may also enjoy the benefits of Global Year-End Bonus. He or she may also be invited to attend YIJIA’s annual Hero Awards to receive his or her reward.



Jie Lu & Wei Liu

We have a profound understanding of team values. To build a sustainable team, one needs to spend enough time to train and guide your team. We need to train our team members to become professional and excellent leaders in our field. As VI Crown Ambassadors, our ultimate goal is to help our partners to achieve their personal goals and succeed. We are very grateful for the incredible platform that YIJIA Canada provided us with. And we believe the power of faith and persistence can help to realize our dreams!”

Sophie Zhang

“During my time at YIJIA, I have come to realize how grateful I am for President Guo’s foundation of YIJIA. With YIJIA, he has provided an incredible global platform allowing people from all over the world to achieve their personal goals. To me, he is not only a role model but also a mentor. Therefore, in order to realize my dreams, I should be constantly learning from him. “


“I owe much of my success to my teammates. I would like to thank my direct sponsor Hongyi Wu and our uplines, the VI Crown Ambassador Jie Lu & Wei Liu, for their help and support. I also want to express my gratitude towards Wendi, Judy, and Lina for the time and efforts we put together into our work. Last but not least, I would like to thank YIJIA, and Chairman Guo for creating this fantastic platform, where we can realize our dreams. Upholding my original aspiration, I’ll continue my hard work to make more success!”



Cherry Qi

“Success is like blossoming, and it will lead others to realize their own goals. Therefore, I continue to create my personal breakthrough to improve my self-worth. This way, I can serve as a better leader to my team. I believe that team members have an influence on each other, which means that they can be mutually inspired to reach their greatest potential. Thanks to YIJIA, my team was able to expand extensively. In addition, with my efficient team management skills, my business at YIJIA Canada has been growing rapidly. In short, at YIJIA, your team is the key to your success.”

加拿大雙皇冠Cherry Qi3

Amy Zou

“MAIONE has changed my life. It has not only made me look prettier and provided me with a sustainable and considerable income, but also allowed me to make friends from all over the world. At YIJIA Canada, I was able to build my own business, cultivate essential skills for personal growth and develop an extensive business network. I sincerely appreciate YIJIA Canada for everything it offers, my team and partners for their help and support. I wish YIJIA Canada and our members a continuous success!”


Lien Nguyen

“I’ve been devoted to the skincare business for almost 20 years and I really enjoy working in this industry. I truly adore YIJIA products and my business here. The staff and my team members make me feel that YIJIA is my family. It was hard for me at first because I don’t speak Chinese. However, thanks to their care, kindness, and generosity. I soon started to feel deeply connected with them. For my YIJIA business, this kind of networking is very important.”


Cindy Lin

“In the past 2 years, I’ve seen how my YIJIA partners have fulfilled President Guo’s vision, namely “To provide a platform where dreams come true; to craft a world full of love.” I’m truly grateful for the V Crown Ambassador Amy’s help. Moreover, I’d also like to thank my team at YIJIA New York. I could not have imagined my rank advancement to the V Crown Ambassador without you! I will continue to make efforts to achieve greater success!”




Annie Chow

“I’d like to thank YIJIA Chairman George Guo for the excellent platform he has created. YIJIA’s brand, business model and its core competency have helped many people achieve their dreams. I’d like to thank Angel, Lawrence, Ryan, WinWin, Candy and my direct sponsor Vannessa from YIJIA Hong Kong for their continued support. I couldn’t have imagined my achievements without them. I’d also like to express my gratitude towards my teammates; it is their acceptance and help that have empowered me and made my success possible. I will try my best to help each one of my teammates to realize their dreams. Continue your path to success; nothing is impossible!”


Christy Yu

“I’m Christy from Hong Kong. Before joining YiJia, I’d been working in finance in Hong Kong for over a decade. By chance, I was introduced to MAIONE Advanced Youth Original Essence by my upline. I knew little about the company, the products, and policies. Out of curiosity, I tried the Essence; after seeing the amazing results, I saw the vast business potential in YiJia; therefore, without hesitation, I joined YiJia.”




Michelle Ngo

“I believe that it is love, support, and trust that give meaning to one’s appreciation. Therefore, I want to express my sincere gratitude towards the commitment and dedication my teammates have made. I cannot have imagined achieving my goals and fulfilling my ambitions without them. I promise that I’ll lead and help my teammates to join me as YIJIA Crown Ambassadors. Last but not least, I wish that under Chairman Guo’s guidance, our YIJIA members can make continued success in the beauty industry and spread love all over the world.”

ACrown Ambassador

Mickie Wei

“I’m very aware that I owe much of my success to YIJIA North America, my team, and many people around me. Therefore, I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude.”


Wendi Wu

“My name is Wendi Wu, and I am from YiJia Canada. My motto is, “Success is not a goal but a way of life!”

I believe that the key to success is to make the right decisions, keep learning and improving oneself, as well as not to give up easily. I think the reason why I chose to work with YiJia is because of the company’s value of sharing success and its dedication to charity work.”


Jinlin Jiang & Yajiao Yu

First of all, We are grateful to Chairman Guo for creating such a great entrepreneurial platform, enabling more overseas Chinese to fulfill their life dreams through the YiJia platform.

Today, we are able to become Double Crown Ambassadors. First of all, thanks to our US Director – Brenda Chen and several company executives for their support. We would also like to thank our teammates who have worked hard together with us.  It is because of you that we are who we are today!

Personal success requires a team working together, supporting each other and trusting each other. As a team, we work together by believing in the company and products, we share the same vision and help each other grow. Our goal is to continue to improve ourselves and lead our teammates to achieve their dreams, make continued success in Yi Jia and spread love all over the world.



joan li

Joan Li

“Finally, four years after joining YiJia, I’m advanced to Crown Ambassador! This’s the recognition of not only myself but also my team and our hard work.

As someone who has been working in the beauty industry for years, my career has been through many ups and downs. I believe that many share some similar stories as mine. But, after joining YiJia, I realized that it’s not just about making profits; rather, it’s about sharing. Sharing is the essence of YiJia’s culture and the key to running a successful business.”


Debbie & Cicy

Debbie: I never thought I could be a Crown Ambassador today on the first day in YIJIA and during these 4 years with YIJIA, I realized the true meaning of life. I want to express my sincere gratitude towards my teammates, families, and friends. They let me understand the purpose of life: Cherish every moment and live beautiful! Sincerity and love is the basis for running YIJIA Business. There are no words can adequately express our sincerity, commitment, and responsibility, as actions speak louder than words! The crown is just an honorary and a new beginning, there is a long way to go. As Crown Ambassador, my goal is to lead and help my teammates to achieve their dreams.

Cicy: There are countless choices in life and when you choose to do one thing again, the most important thing is to learn how to let go of your previous glory and failures, start from zero.Do not pursue perfection. Stick to your goal and do not fall off track. Success will never be a big step in the future, success is a small step taken just now.

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