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“We do our best to reward our members with the greatest!” This is our philosophy when it comes to rewarding its members. Through one of the highlights of YiJia’s compensation plan – Lifetime Travel Incentives – We take our most dedicated members to the world’s most breathtaking places. The members get to stay in the most luxurious resorts in town, taste the most exquisite meals at top-rated restaurants and enjoy the most unforgettable travel experiences. So, join us and start writing your new stories.

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Incentive Trip – Tokyo

YiJia’s Incentive Trip is back with yet another destination! This time we are taking you to the land of the rising sun, Japan. Ranked as one of the top countries to visit for many consecutive years now,

Incentive Trip – Hawaii

Let the sunkissed skin soak up the sea breeze while you ride the waves with the dolphins. Or kick off your sandals and take a long walk down the beach.

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