The MAIONE Brand Story

Somewhere deep under the azure sea lived the King Poseidon with his daughter, the Princess MAIONE. MAIONE, who was adored by many, was presented two treasures by Poseidon when she came of age: a crown and a magic mirror. MAIONE became astonishingly beautiful upon putting on the crown; in fact, she became the most beautiful mermaid in the underwater realm. Later on, MAIONE fell for a human prince who promised her that he would spend the rest of his life with her, hand-in-hand…

Then one day, MAIONE became acquainted with a dejected-looking clownfish who lived a dull life with no friends and suffered from a lack confidence because of her ordinary appearance. The kind Princess MAIONE decided to help the clownfish to change her life and presented her crown to the clownfish. Instantly after putting on the crown, the clownfish transformed into a beautiful creature brimming with confidence and gained many new friends soon after. A moment of revelation came when the clownfish stood in front of the mirror, looked at her pretty face and realized that everything she had was in fact given to her by the Princess MAIONE; she understood that it was possible for her to remain confident even without the magic of the crown. The truth of Beauty had dawned upon her. From that point on, the clownfish decided to take on the mantle of MAIONE’s love, helping others to change themselves and their destinies. She expended all her efforts to swim to the sea floor where her friends were and share the story of MAIONE and the crown with them. The legend of MAIONE’s beauty and love spread far and wide across the oceans.

Although the Princess MAIONE had lost her former beauty after giving away her crown, her beloved the prince did not leave her as a result. He remarked, “You are still beautiful without the crown. I love you not solely for your pretty appearance, but also for your kind heart.” Recalling the other gift given to MAIONE by Poseidon, he brought her to the magic mirror,. Then the unthinkable happened: a new crown appeared on the head of Princess MAIONE, who regained her peerless beauty and youth for eternity. MAIONE and the prince gazed at each other with beaming smiles and embraced each other as they took in their moment of extraordinary bliss.

However, with the passage of time, crow’s feet started to etch themselves on the prince’s visage. While our mermaid princess had already obtained eternal youth, could the human prince unlock the secret to his…?

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