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Youth Awakening

"Repair and restore."

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BV: 100

Every drop has the magic power to restore youth!

Main ingredients: Jojoba oil, hydrolyzed collagen, tea extract, glutathione, acetyl hexapeptide-8, etc.

Anti-wrinkle and tightening

Inject ample hydrolyzed collagen to your skin, improve your skin’s self-repair ability, tone skin texture, and make your skin smooth, gentle and tightening again.


The especially added highly skin-friendly jojoba oil with efficient hydratability can balance the water and oil of your skin. Provide continuous water power to your skin to keep your skin supple.


Glutathione and cetyl hexapeptide-8 can strengthen the defensive power of your skin.

Brightening and whitening

Multiple high-activity ingredients such as tea extract supplement energy, improve yellow and dull skin conditions and enhance your skin’s resistance to the hazards of the environment.


Reduce skin vulnerability, soothe your kin, maintain the water and oil balance, resist dryness, and keep your skin in a healthy, comfortable state.

Instructions & Specifications

About Product

30 ml

Recommended Skin Type

All Types

How To Use

After thoroughly cleaning the skin every morning and night, tap one or two drops of the essence onto your face and neck evenly and massage your face and neck gently till it is absorbed. The results are even better if you use it for 28 days straight; after cleaning your skin, we suggest using MAIONE Youth Original Essence first and then using MAIONE Youth Awakening Serum, which will produce even better results.

Note: The product may not be used together with cosmetics containing lead, mercury or hormone.

External use only. Stop using it immediately and consult your doctor if your skin feels uncomfortable.

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