MIRIKEL DigeZ: the Answer to a Happy Gut

It’s fresh, it’s delicious, and it has 20 billionreasons for you to fall in love.

Introducing MIRIKEL DigeZ – the multi-probiotic supplement that makes you say “OMG.”

  • 7 Types of Probiotics
  • Mixed Enzymes
  • Fructooligosaccharide
  • Green Tea Extract

all packed in a convenient pouch to

Support your Digestive System*


Help your Body Detox*

MIRIKEL DigeZ Happy Gut Sets are now available for pre-order!

Happy Gut Set A:

Place any order on 3boxes of MIRIKEL DigeZ, receive 1extra for FREE. Plus, you earn 25 BV!

Happy Gut Set B:

Place any order on6boxes of MIRIKEL DigeZ, receive 2extra for FREE. Plus, you earn 50 BV!

Happy Gut Set C:

Place any order on10 boxes of MIRIKEL DigeZ, receive 6extra for FREE. Plus, you earn 100 BV!

Still looking for the “wow factor” for your health and wellness?

Treat yourself to this MIRIKELous product and get the wow factor your body deserves!

*The MIRIKEL DigeZ Happy Gut sets are available to YiJia North America’s members only.
*You may place your order for any MIRIKEL DigeZ Happy Gut set either in the regular sales section or the maintenance sales section.
*You may redeem your YiJia product vouchers on any MIRIKEL DigeZ Happy Gut set, but you will not receive any BV.
*Please note, once you have picked up your order(s) associated with this promotion, you cannot exchange it/them for other product(s).
*If you received a free gift and your order no longer qualifies, the free gift must be returned or its value will be deducted from your refund
*For more information, please contact our Call Center at +1 888 991 0924, or visit (or for Live Assistance.
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