How to Make Sure Your Halloween Makeup Doesn’t Cause Skin Issues

If ever you’re going to give it your all in the makeup department, it’s Halloween. Every other day you have to be (arguably) tasteful and well-planned.

On Halloween, the brakes are off: you can really go for it and go wild painting yourself up as a ghoulish nightmare.

However, though this might be fun- and hopefully scary to others- such heavy layers of sometimes overly thick, poor quality makeup can be terrible for your skin.

Luckily, we have you covered. If you follow our top tips in this article, you should be able to get through this holiday season without doing any damage- perhaps you’ll even come out of it with better skin than before.

Things to bear in mind

If you follow these top tips, everything should come out OK:


Read the ingredients:

It’s always important to know what you’re putting on your skin. Though it might sound obvious to read the ingredients, people often don’t bother. Preservatives and fragrances that can cause allergic reactions can often be found in their formulas

Given that stage makeup is often thicker and oilier, these pitfalls are magnified.

Make sure that you buy good quality makeup from reputable companies, and check that there are no nasty ingredients and chemicals inside.

Fully prepare your skin:

You should never put new makeup on top of dirty skin or older layers of makeup. This is especially true of the thick, oily stage makeup that usually comes out at Halloween. To make sure that you’re not blocking pores or trapping infectious bacteria, always prepare your skin properly before application.

Wash your skin properly with warm soapy water, dry, and then apply a good quality moisturiser. MAIONE Advanced Youth Original Essence is perfect for this, laying a lovely, soft, skin friendly base on which to build your nightmarish makeup.

Infused with the botanical extractions from multiple plants, MAIONE Advanced Youth Original Essence helps to maintain healthy skin by protecting it from the kind of damage done by harsh makeups. It provides instant hydration, keeping your skin supple and moisturized.

Buy your makeup new:

We’re always being told to recycle and reuse, and it’s likely that you haven’t dipped into your gruesome makeup since last Halloween. However, you should think twice about using older makeup: it’s much better to chuck it out and buy fresh.

If you’ve left it in a dark container for a year or more, this makes for a perfect breeding ground for all sorts of nasties. Makeups and creams can accrue bacteria over time which can harm the skin.

To dodge the risk of infection or irritation, go out and get everything new.


Try a spot test beforehand:

You may look like a convincing zombie if your skin reacts badly to makeup: sores and hives will certainly look gruesome. But we can probably agree that this isn’t ideal.

Before you apply the makeup to your face, try putting a little on the back of your hand, wrist or arm as a quick test. Leave it for an hour or so and wash off. If your skin hasn’t reacted, you’re probably OK to put the makeup on your face.

Triple wash before bed:

Finally, aftercare is very important with makeup. The face paints you see at Halloween can be harder to get rid of than your usual fare, so you will need to be very diligent when washing it off. Otherwise, your pores will clog up and your skin will become greasy and irritated.

A three-step cleansing wash is a fantastic idea, here.

Begin with a gentle cleanser like MAIONE’s Youth White Reveal Facial Cleanser. Then, using makeup remover or baby oil, remove the last of the makeup residue. After this, exfoliate.

When you’re fully clean, it’s a good idea to reapply some moisturiser: reach once more for that MAIONE Advanced Youth Original Essence, and MAIONE Youth Awakening Serum for one last application before bed.

If you follow all of these tips, you should come away from this Halloween’s celebrations looking as bright and breezy as ever- not like the Corpse Bride or an extra from Dawn of the Dead.

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