Discovering the Fountain of Youth

Delia Medeiros

I’m from Toronto and currently working at one of the top financial institutions in Canada. I was introduced to YiJia by my friend Dr. Yoli. I can still recall how surprised I was by her beauty transformation that day! I hadn’t seen her for over four months by then, so we planned to meet up to catch up a little bit. But when I saw her, I was utterly floored. She looked so great, practically glowing with her porcelain skin. And that’s when Dr. Yoli introduced me to YiJia’s miraculous skincare products MAIONE. 


From One Beauty Story to Another

Intrigued by her beauty story, I expressed my interest in trying the products. Dr. Yoli and Judy graciously invited me to one of their free facial demo sessions, and they thoroughly explained the MAIONE line to me. Seeing myself in the mirror after the demo, I couldn’t help saying “wow” out loud. So, I got my hands on the signature products MAIONE Advanced Youth Original Essence and MAIONE Youth Awakening Serum. I wanted to test these products and to see if they really were that magical. And guess what? They absolutely were! With only a few weeks of using the Essence and the Serum, my skin became so hydrated and smooth. By now, as you can see from my before & after photos, MAIONE has significantly improved the hyperpigmentation, reduced the appearance of my wrinkles and fine lines, and refined my facial contour. That’s everything I’ve ever wanted and more!


Dedication to My YiJia Business

I’m so lucky to have Dr. Yoli as my upline and Judy Tan McDonald as our team leader. They are both very inspiring. Their enthusiasm and professionalism in terms of running their YiJia business have brought me tremendous motivation. After witnessing MAIONE’s magical power, I joined YiJia without hesitation. Judy, Dr. Yoli, and Rainbow patiently and thoroughly explained the products and YiJia’s system to me. And they provided me with guidance every step of the way. I’m genuinely grateful for their help and support. Now, I really can’t wait to see what my YiJia business can bring to the next chapter of my life! 


Are you ready for a lifetime youthful experience? Are you looking for the fountain of youth? Join YiJia and witness your own transformation! 

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