YiJia Renewal Special Package


Dear YiJia partners,

To appreciate YiJia’s existing and new business partners, also to promote long-term sustainable development and cultivate more loyal partners, with this, YiJia USA & Canada is launching the following Membership Renewal options:

1. Purchase one of the following Renewal Packages in the First Order section.

  • 2 bottles of MAIONE Advanced Youth Original Essence for CAD $262 at 100BV.
  • 10 boxes of MAIONE Youth Liposome Masks for CAD $325 at 100 BV.

2. Arrange any sales more than 0BV in the Recurring Order section.

1. The renewal package is only available for renewal of membership, and it cannot be used in conjunction with any Marketing Promotions.
2. Each account has to renew each renewal year.
3. You may successfully renew your membership by any of the two options.
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