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YiJia Prime+ Leaderboard



To recognize the achievements of these YiJia Prime+ members, the followings are our current top achievers of YiJia USA & Canada. The leaderboard will be updated every time there is a new rising star of YiJia Prime+ ! Congratulations to all of our YiJia Prime+ achievers!


To find out more about YiJia Prime program, please visit: Canada YiJia Prime

Mei Hua Chen

Shirley Chen

Wai Choon Lan

Connie Lee

Manlin Lee

Yoyo Li

Joan Li

Shu Ying Lin

Yan Qin Liu

Vivian Liu & Jerry Lu

Lynn Thuy Nguyen

Maggie Ngo

Cherry Qi

Helen Qiu

Ivy Su

Yanxian Su

Debbie Tin

Ana Chan Yau

Yan Yan

Eva Yu

Wenwen Ruan & Benny Yu

Hui Zhao

Yuki Zhao

*The leaderboard is sort in alphabetical order by last names.
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