YiJia North America Appreciation Day, a Day for Love and Cherishment

Each year, on May 12th, YiJia North America held a special event to celebrate and express gratitude towards the people we love and cherish. We proudly named this day as YiJia North America Appreciation Day. This year, to celebrate Mother’s Day we invited members and their loved ones to join us on a private party. In addition to delicious desserts, beverages, and baked goods served onsite, guests also received small gifts from us that included carnation flowers for the beloved mothers, MIRIKEL QualiTen and Bluti. At the event, some members shared their stories of and expressed their appreciation to how MIRIKEL products had changed their lives and allowed their inner beauty to shine through; some showed gratitude towards the platform, with which YiJia had provided them.



New York

Do you have someone, to whom you want to say ‘thank you’? Come and choose your favorite MIRIKEL or/and MAIONE products, and treat your loved ones with the good stuff they deserve!

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