YiJia’s Vision of Anti-Aging: YiJia’s 1st Expo

Since the dawn of time, human beings have tried to stop the signs of aging. However, along the way, there’ve been many struggles in finding the true causes of skin’s aging process. “In order to treat aging skin, you have to know the underlying problem,” says dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, M.D. Combing skincare products and nutritional supplements, YiJia’s vision of anti-aging is to slow down the aging process from the inside out.

To allow the members to know more about the research behind YiJia’s high-quality products and how they serve to bring anti-aging benefits to people of all ages, YiJia held it’s very first Expo on the September 29th, 2019. Themed “YiJia’s Vision of Anti-Aging,” the Expo demonstrated the company’s success in developing anti-aging products and creating a platform that has benefited millions of people over the past 15 years. The exhibition also featured installations, speeches, and works of art relating to the company’s history and business strategies plus product lines such as MAIONE, MIRIKEL, Vii, and YiJia Gear.

Now, let’s take a look at some highlights of YiJia’s very first Expo.

YiJia’s Tree of Youth

The golden and magnificent Tree of Youth represents the 15 years’ of YiJia’s development.

Why did we put the Tree in the center of the exhibition? Because it symbolizes spring and youth, stands for the core vision of YiJia, that is, to provide the world with anti-aging benefits. The other reason for this choice is that trees need to absorb water to survive and thrive. The metaphor applies to the relationship between YiJia and our dedicated members. Without them, the tree of YiJia will not be able to bloom.

Display of the MAIONE line-up

Keep Age a Secret

Aging causes the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in your skin to diminish rapidly. At the same time, the synthesis of these two components also starts to slow down, weakening the repair mechanism in the skin cells. This will cause damages to the skin’s elastic fibers, forming wrinkles and sagging skin. MAIONE is developed to combat aging skin problems and improve your skin conditions. Add MAIONE to your daily skincare regimen, and start to see your skin’s transformation unfold before your eyes.

Committed to bringing together beauty and love as one, YiJia believes in the harmonious coexistence of human and nature. Therefore, the company only produces products that are plant-based, vegan, and cruelty-free. YiJia devotes itself to finding vegan alternatives to animal-based ingredients.

The MAIONE booth uses black and gold to represent the product image of MAIONE while adding green to show that the products’ plant-based ingredients.

Display of the MIRIKEL line-up

MIRIKEL aims to meet people’s increasing needs for a wholesome diet that benefits overall wellness. With formulations backed by advanced scientific research and developed with cutting-edge technologies, our science-based products are perfectly balanced and optimized to benefit your overall wellness.

To showcase the idea of a healthy lifestyle, the booths adopted the same color combinations as MIRIKEL products’ packaging. The booths aimed to demonstrate that our supplements, featuring ingredients that are carefully selected with strict standards, help to make sure that you are obtaining the right amount of nutrients tailored to your dietary needs.


Rose-themed booth representing the featured ingredient – rose extract


The booth painted with Bluti’s star ingredient – blueberries

MIRIKEL Balance Five

A display of different kinds of healthy fruits and grains, alongside yoga mats, showcasing the ideal lifestyle which combines healthy diets and exercise


MIRIKEL Reishi Spore Powder

A sneak-peek into YiJia’s personal care product line Vii

Vii offers a wide range of personal care products. With our innovative design, Vii meets not only your needs but also your imagination and beyond.

Scan the QR code and learn more about Vii


YiJia Gear includes a wide range of merchandises, apparels, banners, and marketing tools that help grow your business more efficiently and professionally, including YiJia Gear backpacks, sports water bottles, yoga mats, sports jackets, custom pens, and business cardholders. For more information, please visit

YiJia Expo Keynote Speakers

The YJMs attended a speech given by YiJia’s Product and R&D consultant, Professor Brian Tomlinson. The well-known professor-who holds an MD from the University of London-is the works at the Department of Medicine and Therapeutics of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He explained the research behind YiJia’s high-quality products and how they serve to bring anti-aging benefits to people of all ages. The speech allowed the members to have a better understanding of YiJia’s standards and processes.

Ralph Adams

Ralph Adams is one of the core members of the YiJia R&D team and the head of the well-known production and R&D base in Salt Lake City, USA. He has many years of experience in product development and high-tech beauty. Mr. Adams is also the genius behind the development and production of MIRIKEL Bluti Super Juice.

YiJia Expo Guest Speakers

YiJia Canada General Manager, Hank Yan

“YiJia North America’s Marketing Strategy”

YiJia North America Brand Center Director, Ryan Fang

“YiJia’s Brand Transformation and introduction to the first YiJia Expo”

Hua Wang & Yali Wang

Two of the top training advisors at YiJia Academy. Their lectures are vivid and fascinating, which have been well received by many.

Senior Advisor at YiJia Academy, Hua Wang

“Positive Thinking”

Senior Advisor at YiJia Academy, Yali Wang

“Make the Impossible Possible”

YiJia’s Triple Crown Ambassador, Lien Nguyen

“My YiJia Vegas Experience & Why Did I Choose YiJia”

YiJia’s Sapphire Member, Judy Tan

“The Miraculous Power of MAIONE Advanced Youth Original Essence”

Photo booths and Display of YiJia’s Development and History

A Display of YiJia’s Development and History in the Past 15 Years

To learn more, please click on the link below

Learn More

A Showcase of YiJia’s Triple Crown Ambassadors

To learn more about their stories, click on the link below

Learn More

Las Vegas-Themed Photo booth

A photo booth featuring all the key Vegas features

YiJia Magazine Cover-Themed Photo booth

The next YiJia Magazine cover story will be yours!

Our YiJia Expo gift pack includes a special booklet and a YiJia-Logoed notebook

Behind-the-scene at the 1st YiJia Expo

Founded on March 28, 2004, YiJia has over 30 distribution channels in over 50 countries. The company’s business spans across skincare, agricultural production, and high-tech products. YiJia has also set up facilities in Asia, including Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Penang, Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Singapore, Sydney, and Jakarta.

The vision of developing natural products that deliver safe and positive results gave birth to YiJia in 2004. Using only effective and biocompatible natural ingredients, YiJia is committed to creating science-based products that have been through extensive clinical studies.

To fulfill this vision, YiJia has set up professional teams equipped with distinguished scientists and experts at its Research & Development Center, and its manufacturing facilities, in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, and Malaysia. They have brought forth YiJia’s three branded product lines: MIRIKEL for nutritional wellness, MAIONE for skincare, and Vii for personal care.

  • All formulations are backed by advanced scientific research and developed with cutting-edge technologies such as peptide chain technology for MAIONE and cryogenic technology for MIRIKEL.
  • All featured ingredients are carefully selected with strict standards for scientific evidence, purity, and quality.
  • All products have passed international tests and have met all relevant production standards.
  • All products are perfectly balanced and optimized to benefit your overall wellness, providing excellent solutions to let your inner beauty shine through.

The 1st YiJia Expo was well accepted by the guests. It showcased how YiJia has been thriving in the wellness and beauty industries by taking daily actions to change the lives of people around the world and by creating products and business opportunities with lasting impact. The Expo also allowed the members to have a better understanding of YiJia’s standards and processes.

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