YiJia Canada Rank Advancement Gala

July 20th, 2019, YiJia Canada Rank Advancement Gala was held in grand style in Vancouver and Toronto. All guests including YiJia CEO Bobby Chen and YiJIa Canada Executive Director Jessie Ren as well as the YiJia members dressed in white to attend the event themed around “Dîner en Blanc.” To celebrate this memorable occasion, the chefs at the fine dining restaurants have prepared appetizers specially made with MIRIKEL Bluti, and QualiTen. During the event, YiJia North America Brand Center Director Ryan Fang, YiJia Vancouver Marketing Manager Emily Lu, and YiJia Canada General Manager Hank Yan, have rewarded the invited members for their rank advancement.

YiJia Vancouver

 Appetizer prepared with MIRIKEL Bluti and QualiTen

Sisi Cen (left) advanced to Crystal

Yan Yan (left) advanced to Crystal

Jennifer Li (right) advanced to Crystal

Eric & Amy (right) advanced to Crystal

Jessica Chan (left) advanced to Crystal

Vivian Liu (left) advanced to Pearl

Song Shuzhen (left) advanced to Sapphire


Members Advanced to Crystal: Rebecca, Evelyn, Wendy, Minerva DeVilla, Efren DeVilla, Gloria Pasildo, Lu Jia Ping, Josefina Ysmael, Jing Tao

Members Advanced to Pearl: Dayong Yang, Zhou Hui Hong, Hua Tan (Bessie)

Mance Judy Tan (left) advanced to Sapphire

Chunyi Wang (left) advanced to Sapphire

Triple Crown Ambassadors Rainbow&Jensen rewarded with YiJia Core

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