Lesser BV for A Higher Membership Status

YIJIA North America Level-Up Promotion


Now, you only need to arrange the sale of one special Premium Set (worth 1000 BV) to become a Two-Star Member!


Two-Star Member Benefits


Qualified for Las Vegas Glory Trip promotion*

Higher Commissions Percentages

Opportunities for More YIJIA Rewards

And Much More…



Level-Up, Never Been Easier!


Mar 28th, 2019 to Sept 29th, 2019


※Only newly registered YIJIA North America members are eligible for this promotion.

※Only BV obtained via Regular Sales is eligible for this promotion

※If you cancel any order, your prize could be revoked

※From November 10, 2018 to August 16, 2019, Two-Star members are qualified to participate in the Las Vegas Glory Trip promotion.

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