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Join YIJIA North America’s Preferred Customer Program and enjoy EXCLUSIVE YIJIA benefits.

To become our Preferred Customer, you only need to meet two requirements:

  • One-time program fee of CAD $50
  • CAD$200 or above (before tax) per purchase of any YIJIA products

Become a Preferred Customer and enjoy all the exclusive benefits:

  • Preferred Pricing – Savings on all products
  • Complimentary Gift – Receive a copy of YIJIA North America Business Binder for FREE
  • Peace of Mind – 28-day return policy on all YIJIA products
  • Convenient – Access to all MAIONE and MIRIKEL products online
  • Special Perks– Weekly email newsletter including exclusive deals, product previews, and more
  • Priority Customer Service – Seven days a week, online and in person

Besides, as a Preferred Customer, you will have a chance to obtain our One-Star membership by accumulating your BV to 500BV, or Two-Star for 2000BV and enjoy the benefits offered via our YIJIA’s Global-Profit Sharing Plan. In addition, you will be qualified for at least one FREE ticket to YIJIA Las Vegas Glory Trip when you become a Two-Star member.



*The program is only available to YIJIA North America customers.

*Preferred Customers (NOT YIJIA members) are not eligible for any bonuses or gift vouchers.

*Preferred Customers’ BV will be contributed to his/her direct sponsor.

*All rights reserved.


We are currently finalizing the last details of our preferred customer Program to make sure that you have the best experience. So, stay tuned and be prepared to be indulged with YIJIA North America’s PC benefits.

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