Triple Crown Ambassador | Annie Chow

Congratulations! Annie Chow from YiJia Canada has been officially advanced to Triple Crown Ambassador!

Annie believes that it is her state of mind that has exerted great influence on her growth as a businesswoman; it is her will to never give up that has pushed her forward. She has witnessed how well the leaders at North America have treated their careers; how persistent their pursuing dreams is. It made her realize that no one can achieve success with pure luck; only when you’re down to earth and run business with continued hard work and dedication can you succeed. Annie truly enjoys the accompany of the intelligent and diligent people at YiJia North America. She thinks that she owes her success to the incredible platform, with which YiJia has provided her.

Annie would like to thank YiJia Chairman George Guo for the excellent platform he has created. She believes that YiJia’s brand, business model and its core competency have helped many people achieve their dreams. She also would like to thank Angel, Lawrence, Ryan, WinWin, Candy and her direct sponsor Vannessa from YiJia Hong Kong for their continued support. She said that she couldn’t have imagined her achievements without them. She would also like to express her gratitude towards her teammates; she thinks that it is their acceptance and help that have empowered her and made her success possible. She said she would try her best to help each one of her teammates to realize their dreams. Her slogan is “continue your path to success; nothing is impossible!”

Let’s give Annie another round of applause for her rank advancement. Congratulations, Annie!

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