Ever since she made Canada her new home, Sophie had been trying to pursue a career in the beauty industry. By chance, she was introduced to YIJIA Canada in 2016. After learning more about the company and the products, she realized that YIJIA Canada was exactly the platform she was looking for. In the past few years, she has built a wide range of a business network. In addition, she has assembled her own teams consisting of businesswomen sharing similar values and goals with her. Under her leadership, the Vancouver star teams of hers have made some great success. Starting day one of her business at YIJIA Canada, she has made the commitment that she would spare no effort to succeed. It is this commitment that made her a proud VI Crown Ambassador at YIJIA.


“During my time at YIJIA, I have come to realize how grateful I am for President Guo’s foundation of YIJIA. With YIJIA, he has provided an incredible global platform allowing people from all over the world to achieve their personal goals. To me, he is not only a role model but also a mentor. Therefore, in order to realize my dreams, I should be constantly learning from him. Moreover, I think I am the luckiest team leader in the world, as I have a team that is grateful, hard-working, and enthusiastic. Together, I believe we can make an even greater success!”

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