Reishi Care with MIRIKEL Reishi Powder

Reishi Care with MIRIKEL 99% Shell-Broken  Reishi  Spore Powder

To celebrate the launch of various MIRIKEL products this year, YiJiA Canada has decided to feature one of our best-sellers–MIRIKEL Reishi Powder, in a special promotion for all of our valuable customers. And you DON’T want to miss it!

MIRIKEL Reishi Powder uses Broken Ganoderma Spores that are made with top-grade Ganoderma Lucidum cultivated in a pesticide-free environment. We use the most advanced nano-technology to achieve 99% breakage of Red Reishi Shells, allowing the nutrients to be efficiently absorbed by the human body. With the added Echinacea Extract, the product is rich in antioxidants, and may strengthen the human body’s immune system, decreasing inflammation and promoting your overall well-being.*


Reishi Care Special

a. Arrange Sales of 4 bottles of MIRIKEL Reishi Powder via Regular Sales or Maintenance Sales, get 1 extra for FREE; arrange sales of 10 bottles, get 4 bottles extra for FREE; arrange sales of 20 bottles, get 10 bottles extra for FREE;

b. Arrange Sales of 100 bottles of MIRIKEL Reishi Powder via Maintenance Sales, get 60 bottles extra for FREE.

Promotion Period

March 28th, 2019 – September 29th, 2019

As for those who wish to join us at this year’s YiJiA 2019 Las Vegas Glory Trip, our Reishi Care Premium is just the right package for you!

Reishi Care Premium

a. Premium Set F, which includes 27 bottles of MIRIKEL Reishi Powder, is now added to our Las Vegas Glory Trip 1000BV Premium Sets promotion.

b. For each Las Vegas Glory Trip 1000 BV Premium Set A, B, C, D, or E that you arrange sales of, you will receive 2 bottles of MIRIKEL Reishi Powder for FREE; For each 1000 BV Premium Set F you arrange sales of, you will receive 3 bottles for FREE.

Promotion Period

March 28th, 2019 – August 16th, 2019

Click here to learn more about YIJIA 2019 Las Vegas Glory Trip and the 1000 BV Premium Sets.

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*Only YIJIA Canada members are eligible for this promotion.

*Please note that all orders associated with this promotion have to be made via the same ID.

*If you cancel any order, your prize could be revoked.

*Please note, once you have picked up your order(s) associated with this promotion, you cannot exchange or return it/them.

*For more information, please contact our Call Center at +1 888 991 0924 or visit our website for Live Assistance.

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