Michelle Ngo was introduced to MAIONE in December 2015. It is this wonderful encounter that led to her advancement to YIJIA’s Double Crown Ambassador. Owing to her undivided attention to work, she was able to make her way to success. She wants to thank YIJIA’s chairman George Guo for the excellent platform he has provided to dreamers around the world. She also appreciates the help that YIJIA senior executives have offered to her and her team. In addition, Michelle wants to thank Amy the Triple Crown Ambassador from YIJIA U.S. for her continued support, encouraging her to chase after her own dreams.

“I believe that it is love, support, and trust that give meaning to one’s appreciation. Therefore, I want to express my sincere gratitude towards the commitment and dedication my teammates have made. I cannot have imagined achieving my goals and fulfilling my ambitions without them. I promise that I’ll lead and help my teammates to join me as YIJIA Crown Ambassadors. Last but not least, I wish that under Chairman Guo’s guidance, our YIJIA members can make continued success in the beauty industry and spread love all over the world.”

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