Lunch with Santa

To celebrate the upcoming Christmas, YiJia Vancouver hosted a joyous event for our beloved YiJia Family on December.14th, 2019.

The party was opened by the host Sophie with a passionate speech. Following with a surprise appearance of Santa Claus giving out presents for all the children at the party.

Joining hand with the B.C. Children’s Hospital Foundation, YiJia Canada’s charity program Up! Kids care program announced the total donation for B.C. Children’s Hospital Foundation. This donation aimed to raised money for and awareness of children’s health in BC, and providing hospital equipment needs.

Up! Kids Care Program Volunteer Ryan & Fred

Director of Philanthropy at BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, Sunny Leung

YiJia Canada CEO Jessie Presented another $3,500 CAD donations to BC Children’s Hospital

Members and their family’s talented performance

Enja & Eliza

Hardy Zhou

Double Crown Ambassador – Wendi Wu

Lucky Draw Winners

First Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize

Lucky Draw Presenter: YiJia Canada’s Operation Manager, Ailin Chen

YiJia Award & Rank Advancement Ceremony

YiJia Star Achievers

YiJia Core Achievers

Pearl Achievers

Crystal Achievers

YiJia Prime Achievers

At the award ceremony, YiJia surprised one of the award achievers, Connie Choi with a birthday cake.

Double Crown Ambassador Award – Wendi Wu

Wendi’s Speech:

My name is Wendi Wu, and I am from YiJia Canada. My motto is, “Success is not a goal but a way of life!”

I believe that the key to success is to make the right decisions, keep learning and improving oneself, as well as not to give up easily. I think the reason why I chose to work with YiJia is because of the company’s value of sharing success and its dedication to charity work. I want to thank YiJia Business Academy for furnishing me with sharper insights and a broader vision. I opine that to succeed, one needs to persevere and try his or her best to overcome any obstacles coming their way.

Other highlights of the event

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