YIJIA’s Crown, Double Crown and Triple Crown Ambassadors demonstrate exceptional leadership and consistency in running a personal business. They are recognized by their passion for pursuing their goals and dreams. Life with YIJIA is a platform where they share their stories with the world. Take a look at their lives before and after joining YIJIA North America, their strategies to be on top while spreading beauty and love to the society.

Triple Crown Ambassador Jie Lu & Vivian Liu

A loving couple married for more than 30 years shares how YIJIA strengthens their bonds. The couple’s teamwork is a perfect example for us all, Vivian specializes the products while Jie in charge of the business plan, together they have built a strong team in YIJIA North America.

Triple Crown Ambassador Cherry Qi

Years ago, Cherry moved to a new city to pursue a better life; however, the environment makes her life dull. To break through her role as an ordinary housewife, Cherry was constantly seeking new opportunities to find her former self as a businesswoman. And then she met YIJIA.

Triple Crown Ambassador Amy Zou

From the rock bottom in a foreign city, Amy had a long journey to the top with YIJIA, where she’s sharing the products and showing others the way to success.

Triple Crown Ambassador Sophie Zhang

Ever since she made Canada her new home, Sophie had been trying to pursue a career in the beauty industry. By chance, she was introduced to YIJIA Canada in 2016. After learning more about the company and the products, she realized that YIJIA Canada was exactly the platform she was looking for.

Triple Crown Ambassador Lien Nguyen

Lien Nguyen is a mother of three from Los Angeles, California. After seeing the results of Maione products and recognizing YIJIA North America as her global business platform, she has worked very hard to build up her own business at YIJIA, leading by example. Lien and her Viet Global Team strive to bring YIJIA products to every household.

Triple Crown Ambassador Annie Chow

Annie believes that it is her state of mind that has exerted great influence on her growth as a businesswoman; it is her will to never give up that has pushed her forward. She has witnessed how well the leaders at North America have treated their careers; how persistent their pursuing dreams is. It made her realize that no one can achieve success with pure luck; only when you’re down to earth and run business with continued hard work and dedication can you succeed. Annie truly enjoys the accompany of the intelligent and diligent people at YIJIA Canada. She thinks that she owes her success to the incredible platform, with which YIJIA has provided her.

Triple Crown Ambassador Rainbow & Jensen

Rainbow & Jensen joined YIJIA in 2017 and on June 18th, 2018, they attended the opening ceremony of YIJIA Toronto as Sapphire Leaders. Even though there were countless difficulties and obstacles on their way to success, their goal has always been clear. They are certain that the excellent platform that YIJIA has provided them with can help to change their lives. It is this belief that has been pushing them forward to realize their dreams for a brighter future.

Double Crown Ambassador Vicky Wei

It is always discouraging when your ideas get turned down. A creative individual like Vicky did not enjoy her life as a regular employee. After joining YIJIA, she can express her ideas freely and get recognized by her team.

Crown Ambassador Joan Li

As someone who has been working in the beauty industry for years, Joan’s career has been through many ups and downs. She believes that many share some similar stories as hers. But, after joining YiJia, she realized that it’s not just about making profits; rather, it’s about sharing. Sharing is the essence of YiJia’s culture and the key to running a successful business.

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