Our latest marketing policy is on the way!

  1. Purchase in the Regular Sales is UNLIMITED now! (Former 3000BV Regular Sales limited purchases for each member account has been removed!)

    Enjoy your Direct Sponsor & Multiple Match-Ups Commission immediately in an unlimited way!

  2. The new Renewal Special Package: Buy 5 MAIONE Youth Liposome Masks get 5 for FREE.
  3. Direct Sponsor 1000BV via Regular Sales, will automatically qualify for a LEVEL-THREE-ACTIVE in the same cycle. Direct Sponsor 4000BV via Regular Sales, will automatically become a YIJIA Elite.


Two ways to renew YiJia membership

  1. Purchase one of the following Renewal Package via Regular Sales.
    • Two bottles of MAIONE Advanced Youth Original Essence for CA$262 at 100BV.
    • Buy 10 boxes MAIONE Youth Liposome Masks for CA$325 at 100 BV.  **New**
  2. Purchase 100BV products via Maintenance Sales.


Three ways to qualify for a LEVEL-THREE-ACTIVE member

  1. Purchase 400BV products via Maintenance Sales in the same cycle.
  2. Purchase “LEVEL-THREE-ACTIVE Package” for three consecutive cycles.
  3. Direct Sponsor 1000BV via Regular Sales.  **New**


Two ways to qualify for a YIJIA Elite

  1. Qualify as a Level Three Active member first, and 28 accounts or more from your compressed three generations have arranged under Maintenance Sales, and the total Maintenance Sales of the compressed three generations are of 6,000 BV or above.
  2. Direct Sponsor 4000BV via Regular Sales.  **New**



The rules to qualify for LEVEL-ONE ACTIVE and LEVEL-TWO ACTIVE remains the same.
The content of this newest update is marked with an **New**, all other qualifications remains the same.
This policy will be effective immediately and will be last to March 26, 2020.

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