The success of Jie Lu and Wei Liu’s business at YIJIA Canada results from two key factors of their work philosophy: One is to have faith; the faith in our company and products. The other is to have a positive mindset. Firstly, they consider helping others as part of their mission. They believe that after one has succeeded, the person has the responsibility to assist others in reaching their potentials. Secondly, Jie and Wei think that role model has a great influence on people on their team, therefore, only when they become role models can they lead the team to success. Thirdly, they think highly of commitment. The VI Crown Ambassadors believe that only when a person upholds his/her commitment, can he/she become an excellent team leader. Last but not least, Jie and Wei are convinced that challenges can create numerous possibilities that help one achieve his/her most ambitious dreams.


We have a profound understanding of team values. To build a sustainable team, one needs to spend enough time to train and guide your team. We need to train our team members to become professional and excellent leaders in our field. As VI Crown Ambassadors, our ultimate goal is to help our partners to achieve their personal goals and succeed. We are very grateful for the incredible platform that YIJIA Canada provided us with. And we believe the power of faith and persistence can help to realize our dreams!”

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