Give Back Rewards Program

If you buy these two packages

VIP Give Back Package

800 BV 丨 CA$2988

Choose any $2,988 CAD product

Give Back Package

400 BV 丨 CAD$1588

Choose any $1,588 CAD product

from September 11, 2023 to September 20, 2025

Become from

YIJIA Star Award

VIP members who direct sponsor packages with a total of 3200 BV, requiring 4 different IDs or more, will receive the honor of “Yijia Star” and a reward of 2000 Canadian dollars!

*Each ID can only achieve once

Next to

YIJIA Elite Travel Award

During the evaluation period, if you maintain the status of “Yijia Star” and continue to directly direct sponsor packages with 1600 BV, you will qualify for a “Six-Day, Five-Night” luxury trip to Malaysia – the Yijia 20th Hero Award. Additionally, you will receive a $400 USD airfare subsidy.

*Each ID can only achieve once
*The travel time is scheduled for Oct 9 – 14,  2024
*The event time is based on Toronto time
*Yijia International reserves the final interpretation rights

Honoured to

YIJIA Tesla Award

Reward Yourself with a Chance to Win a Tesla!

Receive $5,000 USD when you achieve 16,000BV VIP Give Back Package
in the largest sales group and the total of the rest.
It means, you will receive a total bonus of $50,000USD once you completed this Tesla rewards program.

*Each ID can only achieve once
*Yijia International reserves the final interpretation rights
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