Congratulations on Wendi Wu’s Advancement to Double Crown Ambassador!

Congratulations! Team leader Wendi Wu from YiJia Canada has officially advanced to Double Crown Ambassador!

Wendi’s motto is, “Success is not a goal but a way of life!” She believes that the key to success is to make the right decisions, keep learning and improving oneself, as well as not to give up easily. She points out that the reason why she chose to work with YiJia is because of the company’s value of sharing success and its dedication to charity work. The businesswoman wants to thank YiJia Business Academy for furnishing her with sharper insights and a broader vision. She believes, to succeed, one needs to persevere and try his or her best to overcome any obstacles coming their way.

Wendi is convinced that only those who dare to dream will make bigger accomplishments in life. Her dream is to lead her team members, who share the same values as hers, to succeed in their own anti-aging business at YiJia. She hopes that everybody can live their lives to the fullest while realizing their self-worth. Wendi firmly believes that a brighter future is yet to come.

Again, let’s give Wendi another round of applause for her rank advancement.

Congratulations, Wendi! We wish you and your team a greater success!

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