Congratulations on Lien Nguyen’s Advancement to Triple Crown Ambassador!

Shortly after becoming YiJia Double Crown Ambassador, Team Leader Lien Nguyen at YiJia U.S. has been officially advanced to Triple Crown Ambassador. Congratulations!

Lien Nguyen is a mother of three from Los Angeles, California. After recognizing YiJia North America as her global business platform, she has worked very hard to build up her own business at YiJia, leading by example. She was advanced to the Ruby Leader in December 2018 and only about a month after, she became the first Vietnamese Crown Ambassador at YiJia USA. She is a great leader. The extraordinary team she has assembled consist of 1600 members from 28 countries around the world. Her extraordinary leadership allows her and her team members to expand their already successful business to an even broader international market.


Lien is very excited to become the first Vietnamese Triple Crown Ambassador at YiJia. She would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who have provided her with continued help and support. They are her husband Daniel and Kitty, the Sapphire Leader from Vancouver. The Triple Crown Ambassador believes that without them, she would not have been able to have what she has accomplished at YiJia U.S. Besides, she would like to thank Chairman George Guo for creating this excellent platform allowing members from all over the world to realize their dreams. Moreover, she is grateful for the help and support provided by Brenda, Amy, and YiJia CEO Bobby and all her colleagues at YiJia Hong Kong. Last but not least, she would like to thank all her team members for their passion and endeavor. She could not have imagined achieving her dreams without them.


Let’s give Lien another round of applause for her rank advancement. Congratulat

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