On September 29th, 2018. YIJIA Canada has hosted a stunning outdoor event at VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver, celebrating YIJIA Canada’s 2nd Anniversary & Mirikel Launch Event.


(VIP Lounge)


(YIJIA Photobooth)


(Indoor table settings)



Drum Cafe is known as one of the world’s leading performance to help to interact with the audience in order to build team spirit. YIJIA Canada used it as an opening ceremony to welcome our guests and VIPs.


VIP Entrance

Our VIPs include:

YIJIA International Group Founder, Chairman, George Guo

YIJIA Chairlady, Amy Xie

Special Guest, Man Ni

YIJIA International Group Global CEO, Bobby Chen

YIJIA Canada CEO, Jessie Ren

YIJIA Canada Double Crown Ambassador, Cherry Qi

Special Guest Nicolas Pan

YIJIA Canada Double Crown Ambassador, Jie Lu & Vivian Liu

YIJIA Canada Crown Ambassador, Sophie Zhang

Fairchild TV Sales Director, Helen Lee

Fairchild TV Host, Helen Wong


(Event hosts, Sapphire Leader Marina & Pearl Leader Sophie)


(Chairman George Guo’s speech)


YIJIA Canada’s 2nd Anniversary Ceremony


Chairman George Guo, Chairlady Amy Xie

YIJIA Group CEO Bobby Chen and YIJIA Canada CEO Jessie Ren are toasting for YIJIA Canada’s 2nd anniversary


(Samba Dance)



Hawaii Achievers Award Ceremony

Achievers include:

Cherry Qi, Cyndy Zhou, Vicky Wei, Cici Hu, Qi De Guan, Maisie Yau, Rena, Yuki Zhao, Nancy Yeung, Bill Wang, Lu Jie&Vivian Liu, Peankwok Lam, Hongyi Wu, Wendi Wu, William Lee, Lei Wei, Chen Rui, Tong Yan, Mandi Yu, MeiFen Chen, Zaiqiao Feng, Tammy Choi, Yinghua Zhuang, Jennifer Qu, Jessica Waiying Chan, Marina Chen, Roy, Windy, Evelyn

Award Presenter:

YIJIA North America Marketing Director Ryan Fang


(Polynesian Dancers)


Lucky Draw

Congrats to our first winner Crystal Leader Pean to win a value of CAD$950 gift


Congrats to our second winner Sapphire Leader Hong Chen to win a value of CAD$950 gift


Mirikel Launch Event

YIJIA Group features three major product lines, namely, MAIONE for anti-aging, Mirikel for healthcare and Vii for daily necessities. All products are produced without animal cruelty by adopting plants as raw materials instead. Mirikel products include Bluti, Reishi Capsules, Anti-aging stem cell powder and Balance Five. YIJIA North America will be launching more health products in the future to improve not only your health but also your lifestyle.


(Bluti Super Juice Interview)


(Reishi Capsule Interview)


(Italian Singer Federico Fuoco performing)


YJ Charitable Foundation Ceremony

YIJIA Group has donated over 10 million to local charities worldwide, including China, Singapore, Hongkong, Malaysia,

Canada, Australia, USA, Thailand, Indonesia, Macau, etc.

In Canada, with the sale of each bottle of MAIONE Youth Original Essence, we donate CAD $1 to YIJIA Foundation, which will eventually

go to the local charities in Canada.


(Chairman and Chairlady reveals the foundation sign)


(Chairman and Chairlady donates the first charity envelope)



(The acapella group sings “You and Me” by Beijing Olympic as YIJIA Canada’s closing ceremony.)


The family portrait of YIJIA Canada


More behind the scenes:












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