We are delighted to have you join the YiJia Entrepreneur Business Platform. As a YiJia Member (YJM), you will be able to build up your own business and lead your sales teams to achieve great success in life. Being a YiJia customer, you can purchase premium quality products at a discounted price with a rebate. With YiJia’s flexible and wallet-friendly profit-sharing plan, we believe as a YJM, you and your teams will gain strong incentives and earn rewards at any time.

How to join us?

The commissions you may earn depend on your membership package.

Our member system consists of two sales sections:
the “First Order” section and the “Recurring Order” section.

To become a Premium Member or VIP Member, you need to arrange the required amount of personal sales/purchases in the “First Order” Section.

There are three membership packages: Regular Member, Premium Member, and VIP Member.

6 Ways To Earn


Personal Sales Commission

(For Premium Member and VIP Member)

We believe people will always share good products with their beloved friends and family. When you share the information of products with your friends or family, you will be eligible to earn a Personal Sales Commission (direct sponsor commission). Your commission rate maybe 10% or 20% depending on your membership package and based on the sales arranged by you. To become a premium member, you have to place at least 100BV sale/purchase in the First Order section.


Team Sales Commission

(For Active Premium Member and VIP Member)

As your team grows, every time a member of your team arranges sales of YiJia products, an assigned amount of sales BV will be generated to earn you the team sales commission. YiJia adopts an innovative “Multiple Match-Ups” system. Each new downline you direct sponsor will become a new sales team of yours. The more members you direct sponsor, the more sales teams you have. There is no limit in terms of how many members you may direct sponsor or how many sales teams you may have.


Rebate Coins

(For Active Premium Member and VIP Member)

Rebate Coins = Accumulative Recurring Order BV X 18%
The Rebate Coins are based on the Recurring Order sales, calculate weekly.


Awards and Recognition

(For Active VIP Member Only)

Team sales BV includes First Order sales and Recurring Order sales generated from your sponsorship teams. The biggest sales team refers to one of your sponsorship teams with the biggest accumulative sales BV volume. Only active VIP members will be eligible to receive the TTP rewards. TTP are transferrable within the same sponsorship team of the same country or region but are not redeemable for cash. The points can be redeemed for training and travel purposes only.


Recurring Order Commission

(For Active VIP Member Only)

Different ranks correspond to different “Compressed up” generations that can be counted. The higher the rank, the more “Compressed up” generation can be counted. This commission is based on the teams’ recurring order sales. Active member account(s) with 25BV commission week recurring order sales will be deemed as “Compressed up” generation of your team trees.


Crown Ambassador Global Bonus

How to Become A Crown Ambassador
Promoted to be a Crown Ambassador, you will need to fulfill these three requirements simultaneously.
1. First of all, be promoted to be Ruby;
2. Earn at least US$ 3,600 team sales commission during first/second half of the fiscal year;
3. Earn at least One DV point during the first/second half of the fiscal year.

How To Be Eligible For Global Bonus
To be a Qualified Crown Ambassador and eligible to receive Global Bonus, you will need to fulfill these two requirements:
1. Earn at least US$ 3,600 team sales commission during first/second half of the fiscal year;
2. Earn at least One DV point during the first/second half of the fiscal year.

Global Bonus:
1. As a Qualified Crown Ambassador, you will be rewarded with a 6% weighted Global bonus based on global sales.
2. The qualification is reviewed every half fiscal year, either the first six months or the remaining six months of the fiscal year. If you are qualified, you will be rewarded with 3,000 TTP.

Glory Bonus:
According to the DV points ranking, the top three Qualified Crown Ambassadors will be rewarded with an extra bonus which is 0.5% of the global sales.

Lifetime Travel Incentives

From time to time, YiJia rewards members with free luxurious trips. Since 2014, many members have achieved rewards of such trips to the world’s most beautiful places including Hawaii, Okinawa of Japan via luxury cruise, Canada, Australia, and Sanya of China, by simply sharing and arranging sales of YiJia products. In addition to running your own business at YiJia, you may also invite your friends and family to traavel around the world, treating them and yourself a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

※For more information, please download the PDF version of YIJIA GPP 2021 through the link below.

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