Triple Crown Ambassador Christy Yu

I’m Christy from Hong Kong. Before joining YiJia, I’d been working in finance in Hong Kong for over a decade. By chance, I was introduced to MAIONE Advanced Youth Original Essence by my upline. I knew little about the company, the products, and policies. Out of curiosity, I tried the Essence; after seeing the amazing results, I saw the vast business potential in YiJia; therefore, without hesitation, I joined YiJia.

After immigrating to the US, I decided to expand my YiJia business to a new market in New York; I wished more people could benefit from the miraculous power of the MAIONE products. I remember that I arrived in the States in the second half of 2015. At that time, I was a new immigrant, clueless, and completely unfamiliar with everything here. I had no direct selling experience, no relatives and friends, and no background. The only thing I had was the firm belief in my success and the determination not to be afraid of difficulties and challenges! Since then, I have been working hard at expanding my YiJia business. Finally, on September 13th, 2019, I advanced to Crown Ambassador. Looking back, though there were ups and downs, I’ve never given up on my dreams!

Today, I am very proud of the wise and correct choice I made. I’d like to thank Chairman Mr. Guo for creating a platform that has allowed countless people to realize their dreams, regardless of whether they have backgrounds, connections, and resources or not. I’d also like to express my gratitude towards YiJia Global CEO Bobby, US Operations Director Brenda Chen, the staff at YiJia US, and YiJia Hong Kong as well as YiJia Hong Kong and Macau Marketing Director Yip Kam Keung, YiJia Hong Kong General Manager Luk Yiu Cheong. And many thanks to all the leaders who have dedicated themselves to their teams. Thanks to all the believers for following our YiJia leaders around the globe! Let’s work together to spread beauty and love for a better future!

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