YIJIA North America 2018 – A Retrospective

In 2018, YIJIA North America made some impressive progress and achievements. Together, we have witnessed the Group’s remarkable development resulting from our colleagues and customers’ endeavour, and commitment.

As 2019 has arrived, let us take a look back at the highlights of YIJIA North America 2018.

The Grand Opening of YIJIA New York

On April 28th, YIJIA US held a lavish gala at the New York Marriott in celebration of the grand opening of YIJIA New York. This was a milestone marking the Group’s success in thriving in international business.

Vancouver Appreciation Banquet

On May 27th, YIJIA Canada held a splendid event at the Fortune Terrace Chinese Cuisine in appreciation of our Vancouver members’ loyalty and dedication. Together, we have witnessed the remarkable growth of YIJIA North America in the past 2 years.

A Visit to the Oakridge Seniors Centre

On June 7th, upholding our brand philosophy “always standing together with love,” YIJIA Canada made a visit to the Oakridge Seniors Centre in Vancouver. The generous donation made by the YIJIA Charitable Foundation showcased our sincere care for beneficence and charity.

The Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony of YIJIA Toronto

On June 18th, YIJIA North America opened an office in Toronto, the international financial metropolis. The opening of YIJIA Toronto was another major breakthrough of the Group. It represented our dedication to further expand our international business.

The Trip to Cancun

In June, YIJIA North America took our members on an enjoyable trip to the exotic Cancun. Providing a trip of leisure and joy, we wished to express our gratitude to the members for their endeavour.

YIJIA Annual Celebration Event

To attend the 14th YIJIA Hero Awards Ceremony, YIJIA North America invited our members to an unforgettable trip to Hongkong, Shenzhen, and Sanya. The trip was not only a celebration of YIJIA’s 14th anniversary but also of the members’ loyalty and commitment.

The 13th Training Session for Coaching Skills, Toronto

At YIJIA, we believe that each one of our members has infinite potentials. Therefore, we hold regular training sessions to improve their skills. By developing such potentials, one can discover his or her strength to help not only him- or herself but also the others.

The 8th Training Session for the Enneagram

YIJIA North America hold regular training sessions for our members to study the Enneagram, a personality typing system that helps one to realize his or her assets. It aims to better one’s connection and communication with the others by conducting self-analysis.

The Celebration of YIJIA Canada’s 2nd Anniversary

On September 29th, YIJIA Canada held a joyous gala to commemorate its 2nd Anniversary and the launch of our brand-new product line – Mirikel. The memorable event focusing on the theme of YIJIA Secret Garden showcased the highlights of YIJIA Canada’s achievements and expressed our confidence in creating an even brighter future.

YIJIA Glory Gala in Los Angeles

On September 30th, YIJIA invited our members from North America to attend the Glory Gala at the 6-star hotel Terranea Resort in Los Angeles. This remarkable event was intended to thank the members of YIJIA North America for their loyalty and dedication. Together, we will make great success!

Aloha Hawaii Trip

In appreciation of our members’ commitment to YIJIA North America, we invited them to join us on the Aloha Hawaii Trip. While enjoying a relaxing and memorable travel experience, we celebrated the achievements we made together.

The 15th Training Session for Coaching Skills, New York City

The successful session inspired the members of YIJIA North America to further develop their strengths and potentials.

The 18th Training Session for MC, Toronto

Upholding our brand philosophy of helping our members grow, YIJIA Toronto held a three-day training session for our members. This session greatly helped them improve their hosting skills, overcome stage fright, and learn the art of speeches.

The 19th Training Session for MC, Vancouver

To ensure that all our members could benefit from our training sessions, YIJIA North America held another successful session in Vancouver.

YIJIA North America Christmas Party, Toronto

YIJIA Toronto held a memorable Christmas party to celebrate the holidays with our members and the launch of QualiTen. With gourmets and performances, we wished to thank our members for the success we made together.

YIJIA North America Christmas Party, New York City

The members at YIJIA New York also joined our grand celebration of the holidays and held a cheerful event.

YIJIA North America Christmas Party, Vancouver

For YIJIA North America, end of the year was an exciting moment for all of our members to celebrate our achievements in the past year. The joyous gala at Parq Vancouver was also a reminder that at YIJIA we cherished not only success but also the happiness of each one of our members.

YIJIA North America Christmas Party, Los Angeles

YIJIA Los Angeles also held an unforgettable event to commemorate our members’ loyalty and commitment.

YIJIA North America wishes all our members a Happy New Year!

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